December 16, 2016

A wonderful "amateur" photographer Mike Cary

Art-Models BRD and Tilly McReese

Mike Cary wrote me with simplicity :
- I am an amateur photographer.
He means it is not a job but a passion. He means he photographies for the pleasure, not to be famous, published or awarded, even if he deserves it. That said his talent is as great than the professional members of UdA.

B and W addicted, Mike Cary works successfully with renowned Art-Models such as St Merrique (her 11 articles), Keira Grant, Ella Rose, Brooke Lynne (her 5 articles) and Madame Bink, often published in the mag. Their talent allied to the art of Mike Cary to capture the best of them in beautiful compositions give these splendid photographs I am happy to show you.

Thank you Mike for your friendship on Facebook and your kind cooperation to this article !

Art-Model St Merrique

I am a 55 year old amateur photographer who resides in the state of Virginia. Have been interested in photography since my early teens initial started out shooting landscapes and some sports. Became interested in shooting people to include models about twelves years ago. Initial started out shooting mostly glamour and lingerie in studio or on location using studio lighting.

Over the past five or six years I have transitioned to shooting mostly artistic nudes using natural lighting rather then studio lights. Currently I shoot a mix of landscapes, artistic nudes, candid and street photography.

Art-Model Anoush Anou

Art-Model Amy Marie

Art-Model BRD

Art-Model Erika Jay

Art-Model Keira Grant

Art-Models Anna Catherine and Erica Jay

Art-Models BRD and Tilly McReese

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