December 1, 2016

Welcome to Thom Peters, our new UdA Art Editor

I am happy and proud and honored to welcome our New Art Editor and Photographer Thom Peters ! Thanks you Thom from the bottom of my heart to join the UdA team.

Champagne !!!

Let's hear him :

I've been in the business now about 10+ years but have been photographing for nearly 45 years with everything from a Kodak Brownie, a Canon A1, to my Canon 6D today. I absolutely love photography and being creative.

My current focus is Art Nudes mostly in Black and White with some color photos, shot outdoors and in the studio. I look to present the human form in an artistic manner which is creative, beautiful, and which honors the beauty and humanity in all of us.

Even though my current focus of my artistic creations are nudes, I’ve decided to branch out into a more scientific realm of photography - Astrophotography!

The following statement reflects my attitude on shooting artistic nudes better than anything I could devise:
"If I have chosen the female form in particular, it is because beauty has been debased and exploited in our sensual twentieth century. We seem to have a need to turn innocent nature into evil ugliness be the twist of the mind. Woman has been target of much that is sordid and cheap, especially in photography. To raise, to elevate, to endorse with timeless reverence the image of woman, has been my mission – the reason for my work." Ruth Bernhard, from "Views on Nudes" by Bill Jay

 "Landscape Nude"
Art-Model: Sunshine in the Desert

 "Born to Water"
Art-Model: Mila

Art-Model: Mila

 "The Storm is Coming"

Art-Model: Bree Adams a.k.a Brennen

Art-Model: Lucky

"Little Miss Red Riding Hood"
Art-Model: Tiffany Jewel

"Orion Nebula"

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