January 27, 2017

The male nudes of AJ Khan

Art Model Zack

There is no hazard... Since some times I told myself there are not enough male nudes in Uda. Of course, it is not really my cup of tea, I prefer curves to squares, you know it since 1587 articles. And I never found photographs which touch me.

And guess what ? I was searching for a particular series I love on the site of AJ Kahn and I found these prodigious male nudes which remind me Rodin. I ask him the honor to exhibit them and he sent me these one. I am really a very lucky man and AJ Kahn a true friend since a long long time.

Thank you AJ Kahn from the botton of my heart. It is always a true honor and I am deeply proud of your indefectible confidence and your kind words.

Art Model Zack

"Approaching the male and female subjects in my photography has evolved over time.   It is my feeling that all too often both genders are depicted as stereotypes and perhaps objectified in their own way.  I believe most artists have been guilty of this to some extent, including myself.  Often times, I would portray male subjects as rugged, brawny and robust as possible. I would use hard, high contrast lighting to bring out definition and texture, broad poses that enhance strength and size of the male physique while avoiding poses that might imply vulnerability.  With female subjects, I would use much softer lighting to help smooth the skin and minimize texture. I would encourage poses that are “flattering” to the female figure as well as render them in a gracefully feminine way. 

Currently, I aspire to challenge my approach.  
I want to go beyond what pleases our acquired esthetic senses.  It is my goal to represent both subjects collectively as a celebration of humanity.  I strive to honor what it is that makes each subject unique while at the same time paying tribute to our similarities.  
I seek to explore traits that we all share to a certain extent; elegance, strength, passion, vitality, empathy, desire and introspection.  It is my hope that if we acknowledge those traits we all possess, perhaps we can find a new appreciation of the human form, no matter the gender of the subject."

AJ Kahn

Art Model David

Art Model Zack

And of course :

Art Model Mixchief Vixen

Art Model Diane Yoga

Art Model Mari Dell' Antonio

Art Model Emily Cole

Art Model Marie LeFlure

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