October 26, 2017

Michael Siu, Beauty and Industry

Art Model Bella Blue

Member since 2008

"There is an amazing thing that happens when you juxtapose a model with giant, dirty, rusty, industrial equipment. Her softness and the machine's hard, unforgiving nature meld and clash. The structure of the machine and the beauty of the model entwine together in an odd harmony."

His book :

Beauty and Industry is set in an industrial site that has been neglected for over than 25 years. Dirt and rust are thick and tangible on everything throughout the space. It is within this setting that I chose to explore the relationship between the soft curves of the female form and how it blends or stands out within this harsh and dilapidated environment.

Bed of Springs"
Art Model Keira Grant

"Behind the Green Door"
Art Model Candace Nirvana

Art Model Bella Blue

"Allowing a model to show their true soul to me is the greatest gift I can ask for. It cannot be forced or manipulated. I can just hope to capture it."

"Blind Power"
Art Model Vassanta

"From Below"
Art Model Bella Blue

"In the Chamber"
Art Model Vivian

Art Model Vivian

Lately I am interviewing my models at the end of my nude sessions. The insights, character, education, life experiences and wonderful personalities of these beautiful young ladies are fascinating. I learn more about them in the 10 minutes of the interview than in a whole day of shooting.

"In the Oven"
Art Model Keira Grant

"Industry and Beauty"
Art Model Valentine

"La Machine"
Art Model Candace Nirvana

Art Model Bella Blue

The best models you let them do their work, let them reveal themselves and be prepared to capture that moment.

Models always surprise me with a pose or a look that I never would have thought of. I find that newer models will look best when they are not posing so it is important to always be ready to shoot when they may not expect it. When I ask for a specific pose it rarely looks good, so I tend to just ask for something different. If they are struggling I give them an emotion to work with or basic direction. I often ask them to go back to a look or pose they gave me to see if we can refine it.

Allowing a model to show their true soul to me is the greatest gift I can ask for, it cannot be forced or manipulated ; I can just hope to capture it.

Art Model Keira Grant

"The Window"
Art Model Keira Grant

"Toe Arch"
Art Model Keira Grant

"Beauty and Industry Plate 991"
Art Model Nettie R Harris

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