June 19, 2018

"New York, New York" by Gary Breckheimer with St Merrique

I’ve shot most forms of nude photography, in both the studio and on location, but I must say that the rush I get shooting on the streets and in public places does not compare to anything, not even the best drugs ! (Joke)

"New York, New York"

"See agent"

When I’m on the streets on location nothing is left to chance. I am completely in control. I know the exact location, the pose, the lighting, etc. I am definitely not looking for any input from the model or crew.



I predominantly focus on the juxtaposition of the female form vs. environment with over tones of erotica.


"Bad bagels"


"Welcome aboard"

June 12, 2018

Marina Koriakyn: A soul catcher

Marina Koryakin 

Marina was born in Ukraine and lives now in Israel. She has a family with two children, and works full time in the demanding medical field. 

I discovered Marina on FB and became immediately enchanted by the way her captures just hypnotised me. They tell stories, enigmatic ones, taking me on a journey.

I try to capture what I feel and not what I see

"Lost in Tokyo'' series

As far as I remember, I always loved to observe people. I enjoyed imagining what their life would be and made lots of scenarios in my head. Three years ago, I opened a FB account and built up a circle of friends who were photographers. Their work inspired me.

There is something about some of the next shots that (hoping that Marina won't mind), I put together because of the immediate impact created by their existential nature.


I never had a camera because photography did not really interest me. One day, I started to take pictures with my phone and after a while I decided to buy a camera and took a beginners course.As I don't have much technical knowledge about photography, I chose the easy way and used a digital camera.



"Be what you want to be"

My passion is about street and documentary photography  

"Gypsy life"

"Gypsy life 2"

The beauty of street photography is the unexpected.Every time I go out wandering the streets, I try to capture what I feel and not what I see.


"Take me to church"

When do I know it's the right time to press the shutter? When my pulse goes up!My camera is set to B&W so that my mind does not get distracted by the colour factor.Later, on my computer, I convert them to colour and then, depending on my mood, decide which version to keep. :)

"Beach stories"

"From the dying sea series"

So what about inspiring artists? Many that I really admire and learn from. Garry Winogrand, Joel Meyerowitz, Robert Frank and Henri Cartier-Bresson to name a few. But I also learn as much as from so many talented friends I follow on social medias.  


"In the storm"


June 9, 2018

The vintage photographs of Chistian Tode

Member since 2017

For me, photography hides a lot of beauty inside; beauty that we can see around us. It is a mysterious world of dialogue between the photographer and the resulting photo and – finally – between the viewer and the photo. A world that allows you to look inside, through lens, into the other soul. Photography is the soul of all the moments that have just disappeared. 

In his first article, I told you how much I appreciate the talent of Christian Tode to fly from a genre to another, and the rare diversity of his art models, my fight in UdA where all colors and ages and forms are united.

Today, this exhibition is reserved to his unique vintage work. He let me choose the photographs, what I always consider as an honor. 😊

"Rest in cafe"
With Eliška Kubaníková

"The young girls learn their rules"
With Eliška Kubaníková and Denisa Hemská

"And then her eyes become my Japanese Tea Garden"

"Close your eyes and you'll see me"
With Janine Alexander


"Rain in sunlight"

"With Lucie"
With Lucie Janíková

"Sweet, dark fear"

"Morning chat"
With Denisa Hemská and Eliška Kubanikova

"Adrien flying through her dreams"

"Inside I feel fleeting moments of sunny morn"
With ZuzanaOsako Illustrations

"Tough expectations in dreams in garden of paradise"

"Windy Day"

I end by his return in the present :

"The mind of the present"
With Zuzana Osako

June 4, 2018

The urban beauties of TONE, the artist painter

His website

Mixed media on canvas
121,9 X 182,9 cm / 48 X 72 in.
From a portrait of Alexandre Paskanoi
Michel-Ange Gallery, Montreal

Artist painter since twenty years and stemming from the Graffiti art movement, TONE masters the art of dazzling us by presenting the beauty of female faces through artworks composed of graphic and urban lines. From France, he lives and practices his art in Montreal since 2006.

«En Attendant»
Mixed media on canvas
152,5 X 101,5 cm / 60 X 40 in.

My approach is mainly focused on aesthetics, although some of my paintings also contain a more engaged message.

Mixed media on canvas
121,9 X 121,9 cm / 48 X 48 in.
Michel-Ange Gallery, Montreal

Mixed media on canvas
122 X 81,3 cm / 48 X 32 in.

Essentially urban, TONE's pictural work draws its inspiration from the metropolis: its energy, its dynamism, its flow of ceaseless images. He enjoys combining architecture and graphics (his two fields of study), typography, human faces as well as calligraphy. His creations also refer to aspects of the universes of Pop Culture and Street Art.

Mixed media on canvas
91,5 X 137 cm / 36 X 54 in.

«On Verra»
Mixed media on piece of wooden box
60 X 100 cm / 23,5 X 39,5 in.

Text fragments, stencils, images from magazines, old newspapers, retrieved items from the street or from derelict industrial sites, ink, markers, pencils, various elements and paint, spread out on the surface, transcribing urban thoughts that we can untiringly scrutinize with curiosity and pleasure.

«Il n'est pas trop tard»
Mixed media on canvas
50,8 X 50,8 cm / 20 X 20 in.
Michel-Ange Gallery, Montreal

«Je ne le savais pas»
Mixed media on canvas
81 X 45,5 cm / 24 X 18 in.

Mixed media on canvas
121,9 X 182,9 cm / 48 X 72 in.

Each of my creations is unique. I like entangling and distorting styles, to vary the subjects, thus giving life to artworks that reflect the deep creative energy that drives me.

It goes without saying that he appreciates the aesthetics of feminine traits and therefore, he likes to create around women's faces which he reproduces with great realism while adding his own touch, so different and interesting. A deep, living and troubling gaze, sensuality, character; portraits that speak to us and seduce us as well.

Mixed media on canvas
122 X 91,5 cm / 48 X 36 in.

«Mama Lova»
Public award in the category Portrait, Select Fait NYC, NY, 2013
Mixed media on canvas
122 X 91,5 cm / 48 X 36 in.

«À Demain»
Mixed media on canvas
122 X 91,5 cm / 48 X 36 in.

Mixed media on canvas
122 X 152,5 cm / 48 X 60 in.
Michel-Ange Gallery, Montreal

Of the five major categories which constitute his pictorial production, that of women's faces is one of my favorites. Not only because TONE has made a beautiful diptych with my own face, but also because the complexity of the final work is always fascinating, only arousing delight when we observe the creation closer; a multitude of techniques, of objects and of materials. Far from being monotonous, TONE's works are intriguing and simply gorgeous.

«Holloway Girl»
Mixed media on canvas
91,4 X 182,9 cm / 36 X 72 in.
Michel-Ange Gallery, Montreal

«Le Devoir»
Mixed media on canvas
61 X 112 cm / 24 X 44 in.
Michel-Ange Gallery, Montreal

TONE exhibits his artworks in several galleries and during events in France, in United States, in England and in Canada. Although his creations are sold in large numbers, they are also rented for movie sets, for commercials, for corporate events, etc. Moreover, they have been awarded several times.

Through T-Pakap Production, more and more design companies (fashion or decoration accessories, clothing, bottle labelling, furniture, etc.) call on the artist's creativity to conceive various original pieces, always made in limited series and with TONE's unique style.

Public award in the category Favorite, The Artist Project, Toronto, 2016
Mixed media on canvas
122 X 91,5 cm / 48 X 36 in.

I do not have a repetitive and systematic method of creation. My process varies from one composition to another according to my feeling; I leave the door open to any source of inspiration and I let myself be guided by the pulse of the moment, constantly allowing myself to experiment.

«Lonely Girl»
Mixed media on conglomerate panel
122 X 101,5 cm / 48 X 40 in.

It is a great honor to have been immortalized and integrated into the exploded world of this fascinating artist. Perpetually renewing himself, his creations are unique, original, magnificent, vibrant... simple unforgettable.

«Je ne sais pas»
Mixed media on canvas
76 X 91,5 cm / 30 X 36 in.

«Golden Eyes»
Mixed media on canvas
122 X 91,5 cm / 48 X 36 in.

I will never forget this moment when I saw this huge painting at the entrance of the Michel-Ange Gallery, in Old Montreal. It had such an impact! A memorable and moving moment. Thank you so much TONE.