July 22, 2015

Andrew Kaiser (Absolute Reality Studios) for the first time

I lived two years in San Francisco, exactly at Sausalito. To reach my office, I passed across the Golden Gate Bridge four times a day. It was like a dream. And it's still the most beautiful period of my life. Some years later, I still miss San Francisco... and I'm sure it will be until my dying day.

Andrew Kaiser made these splendid and original cliches which turn me upside down.

Done in 2007

"Last stand"

" As for words...I tend to let my pictures speak for themselves. I will say however that I am a firm believer in the fact that all human beings are beautiful ; short, tall, fat, skinny, old, young. It doesn't matter and I am very tired of this notion that only one type of person is desirable. I'd like to think my work is doing its small part to speak out against that."

"Body Arch"

"Figured Bridge"

"Human Bridge"

" I Walk Alone"

"The Bridge"

Here is the first issue of Luminous Magazine by Luminous Press, Available at LuLu !

" The idea was to create a quarterly magazine without the goal of publishing what sells but more to publish what is interesting. It was with that thought that Luminous was born.
The first issue features eighty pages of photography, art, and interviews from such brilliant minds as Holly Bynoe, Tara MacPherson, Reg Mombassa, and a whole lot more !"

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