July 18, 2015

John Peri talks about his models

" Colour is a conveyor of mood. The nostalgia expressed by this model in her demeanour is possibly accentuated by the colour. Since I know my models which of course others don't, I read things into my images which they cannot do, but these subliminal messages may help to give clues to the answers." John Peri

"Hotel room"

"Kate returns"

"Modern art images", "clever compositions", and gorgeous expressive models, John Peri deserves all these comments.

Living in France, John Peri figures beyond the most famous ones. Cake on the cherry, he never forgets to talk about his models, asking for the greatest respect. He's so right.

"Lady with the blues..."

"My neighbour on the second floor"

John Peri by himself :

"Any photographer who says he's not a voyeur is either stupid or a liar" Helmut Newton, 1995.

I don't think he meant this in the pejorative sense, but the ability to see and observe. What I photograph essentially is the "girl next door". I try to present the models as they are in private or how they imagine that they would be, when encouraged momentarily to play a more glamorous role. In both cases, they are showing a part of their personality that is usually not on display. It is a moment of self-revelation and discovery, and the models are sometimes surprised to have brought to the surface a side of themselves that is often largely overwhelmed by the constraints of everyday life.

"Those little moments"

The nudity that appears in some of these pages is superfluous. It is a means to an end and of no significance per se. There will be some that consider it gratuitous, but one cannot always accommodate to the lowest common denominator. Hopefully, a greater number will identify with the wish of these young women to capture a passing moment in their lives, before moving on again to the unending obligations that largely dominate our existence.

"For Anca..."

People are sometimes curious about the equipment used for these photos. I have a couple of NIKONS, one digital and one using film, each with a flash attached to the camera. In my view, this allows for greater mobility than with the techniques used by those that set up their pictures more carefully, and whose work I nevertheless follow with great admiration.

The models are all friends and those that they present to me, which become friends in turn. From time to time, I also ask a young lady that I meet in public to pose for me. Occasionally, they accept.


When making your comments, please take into consideration that the majority of my models follow these pages closely and do not like to have personal remarks addressed to their persons or their anatomy.

They grace us by allowing us to look at their photos. I think that we owe it to them in return to show some respect for their generosity. As fellow photographers, I thank you for understanding this, John."

"Jazz on a Summer Night"

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