May 23, 2010

Welcome Dick Simonsen

Here some great cliches from Dick Simonsen at deviantART. You'll find more than 632 photos in the tremendous gallery of this prolific photographer from United States.

Why I choosed these ones ? The smiling beauty of his favorite model, and this kind of "Betty Page" inspiration, a pin-up art style far from the classic studios shots.

His words about his model and Muse, McKenzie :
"McKenzie is one of the most stunning models I've ever had the pleasure to work with. You can shoot 500 images of her and you simply won't get a bad one. She has an absolutely flawless face and figure, does a wonderful job on her makeup and hair, and always come perfectly prepared for the shoot. I'll warn you though, she's positively addicting. I've posted hundreds of photos of her on my site, and numerous members (including me), have called her the world's most beautiful woman." Dick Simonsen.

"No 5 Close Up Nude"

"No 2 Nude On Her Knees"

"McKenzie Pale White Nude II"

"Shoot No 5 Nude"

1 comment:

Visitor said...

Wow - I sprayed across my screen looking at the pictures of McKenzie. I love when prime spank material gets clothed in the guise of being called taseful nudes.