May 12, 2010

Couples and Duos

Michael Papendieck -

Beau eRomantica -
"Entanglement 1"

Mauricio-José Schwarz
"Hexad 2 - Autumn discovery"
Art Models Kat Love and Carla Garcia

Alecu Grigore -
"The thousand ways..."

Matthew Scherfenberg -
"Ropes 2"
Art Models The Peach and Corinne

François Benveniste -
"The couple"
Art Models Thomas and Agnieszka

Richard Scalzo
Art Models Jen and Jennie

Art Models Yuliya and James

Warren Brown -
"Alone Together"
Art Models Niansa and Believe Hope

Simon Pole
"Peaceful and Chrissie"
Art Model Chrissie Red -

Nick Giles -

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