November 4, 2013

Andrew Kaiser's interview

" I found out early on in college that when a professor tells me I have to do something a certain way, or there are certain rules that must be followed, I just become determined for better or worse, to break those rules." Andrew Kaiser

"The Art Studio"

You'll find Andrew Kaiser at : Absolute Reality Studio, Model Mayhem, his deviantART, Photo Icon.

Andrew Kaiser, how did your passion begin ?

I was lucky enough to attend a High School with a really good traditional photography program. It was the last year before the teacher was ready to retire and he was a great old school photographer. He had his students making pinhole camera’s, shooting with old TLR’s, developing our own film, and experimenting with different printing techniques. I looked forward to going to that class each and every day and I’m not sure I would have made it through High School without it.

"The Tall Grass"


I didn’t start shooting nudes until a few years after High School when I met up with a young lady to help her take some headshots.

Up to that point I had never worked with another person before and knew absolutely nothing about good lighting, ways to pose people, or anything.

The model and I got along very well and half way through the shoot she asked, “Have you ever done any nudes ?” It turned out she was an exotic dancer and San Francisco’s famous Lusty Lady and was very comfortable with her body.

After the shoot was over and I processed the results I was completely hooked. It was really the first time I was 100% happy with any work I had done up to that point and decided to pursue the subject matter further.

"Old Tree"

Did you learn photography in a special school ?

Beyond High School, and a few classes in college, no.

I don’t think creativity can be taught, nor do I think anyone is just naturally born with it either.
It’s something you have to work hard at, exercise, learn through a lot of mistakes, and just practice a whole heck of a lot.

I found out early on in college that when a professor tells me I have to do something a certain way, or there are certain rules that must be followed, I just become determined for better or worse, to break those rules. Instead I studied Art History in school which I found a whole lot more inspiring and was able to use some of that inspiration in my own work.



I agree, we all learn from our mistakes, it's the rule... You have a so particular style ! Who inspired you ?

I’ve long been a big fan of Bill Brandt. I think he was the first photographer I ever saw that made me go “WOW !”. Helmut Newton is another obvious favorite.

I tend to like work that has a very raw element to it.
Life and people aren’t perfect and too many photographers now days try to create some unattainable fantasy that really hold no interest for me at all. Airbrushing and caked on make up aren’t at all sexy to me.

Series "I Talk TV"
Art Model Patricia

You just answer to my question about your "realistic" style. Andrew, I'm sure you couldn't stay a long time far from your camera ?

 If I go more then three days without doing a photo shoot I normally become a very irritable person. My friends laugh at me about this all the time. I love shooting pictures more then anything else. It can be as relaxing as a trip to a day spa, and as exciting as a rollercoaster. I have a very hard time imagining what my life would be like without it.


"A Hidden Place"
I understand. It's all about passion.You shoot indoors, outdoors, mainly in BW where you excel, but do you feel particularly inspired by a kind of location ?

It greatly depends on the model. Some models respond really well to natural settings while others seem more comfortable and at home in urban environments. No matter what I greatly prefer shooting outdoors instead of in the studio. In some ways that’s all part of the adventure ; testing limits and seeing what you can get away with while nobody is looking.

Typically, when doing a shoot I get together with the model, climb in the car, and just drive one single direction until something strikes both of our interests. So far this particular method has yet to fail me.

It always amazes me how many interesting locations exist just a few miles from where one lives, all you have to do is have the willingness to go out and look for them.

"Dirt and Wood"

"Lauren's Reflection"

I know it's always a difficult question : what is your preferred photo in your own portfolio ?

That’s a really tough question to answer. I like them all in their own way if for no other reason then the memories they bring about while I was shooting them.

Art Model Chela

Have you a special project you're dreaming about ?

It may sound cliché, but I’ve always wanted to do a photo shoot on a New York roof top.

Wonderful locations indeed. Have you scheduled your next exhibition ?

I’ll admit I’m really terrible at the business side of photography and don’t spend nearly enough time looking for exhibition spaces and gallery representation as I should. I’d rather just be out there shooting !

"To Dance"
Art Model Anya

A message to send before we leave ?

Live life, make art, and have fun doing it. What more could you possibly want ?

Thank you Andrew ! I'm honoured by your kind support and your confidence.


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