October 29, 2013

Scott Church's interview

" If you want something, get it. Never let anyone tell you can't do everything you want to in life because they can't decide anything for you. If the movie you're watching isn't about you... change the channel."
Scott Church

"Today's workshop keepsake"

You'll find Scott Church at his official site, deviant ART, Model Mayhem.

Dear Scott, tell us how did your passion begin ?

I started making images as a painter, as a more conventional artist, but I suppose I was just too lazy to ever be a good painter because I hated waiting for the results.

I discovered photography and fell in love with the immediacy of it all, I haven't looked back since. It was the fastest way I could find to get the pictures in my head... out.

How long could you be far from your camera ? Are you an obsessive photographer ?

"Behind the hatred..."
Art Model Megan

I have to work and create everyday or I feel the day is lost. It's that important to me.
I completely believe it's all that I am.


It seems you shoot everywhere, and all the time, but there is for sure a type of location that particularly inspires you ?

Nothing in particular, I see pictures everywhere and I want to make them happen.

"Reach for my revolver"

Who are your inspirators ?

I steal wildly from hundreds of different artists, my standouts are names like Helmut Newton, Albert Watts, Norman Seeff, Sante d'Orazio and Bunny Yeager. I have also been influenced greatly by my early exposure to magazines like Playboy, I've been a fan for years and I have quite a collection.

"Save me from the nothing"

Your imagination is quite incredible... and so prolific ! I wonder what is your process of creation ? Chaos or Order ?

I would love to say order, but I know it's more chaotic than even I can control somedays. The good photos seen to just happen all on their own, no matter how much I plan, things still seem to completely run themselves.

"A kiss then tell me goodbye"

Once more, you have a wide range of genres. Maybe, there is one you prefer : studio or outdoors, natural lights, BW or color ?...

I love natural light, and I will always choose what's there to begin with over studio light.

Color or BW depends on the capture and what I think looks best at the moment.

Are you perfectionist ?

I do some work afterworks, but I try my best to get things right with the click of the shutter. I want it done right now.

And how do you know when your shooting is finished ? Is there something telling you "stop" ?

Is it ever finished ? I know when to stop, but I'm never satisfied, I want to do more, but I have to let it go when it's complete.

"The wheel"
Art Model Penelope

"No pain you are receiving"
Art Model Terra

"Burning myself"

Have you a dream ? A challenge ?...

My dream, I feel like I'm already living it, I love what I do, and I love that I get to do it everyday.

I have things I would like to do more of, I love to travel, I will agree to just about any job that pays to me to go somewhere.

I would love to do more work in Europe, any work at all that will pay to take me there I will go in a second.

I would like to do more shows overseas, I think that my work is better suited to an european audience than in america.

But honestly, I'm a happy guy with my life at the moment.

"Jena at the top of the steps"

"Julia, harsh"

I feel it... And have you scheduled your next exhibition ?

I have a small show this fall in my hometown, and I'm talking to a couple different galleries about shows for next year, but I'm open to any offers.

A message before we leave ?

If you want something, get it. Never let anyone tell you can't do everything you want to in life because they can't decide anything for you. If the movie you're watching isn't about you... change the channel.

Thanks a lot Scott ! For everything...

"Tasha, boxed"

Scott Church ©


Available here

" My fifth book is beautiful, hard cover, full color, 232 pages, lots and lots and lots of my pictures.

This is the definitive greatest hits book going back 15 years all the way to a shot I did while still in the Navy in 1992.

Also included are wonderful behind the scenes stories about almost every shot written by the models appearing in the photographs (yes, that was an accomplishment in itself).

It is a true sit down and read sort of book besides being a pretty damn good picture book too. I am very proud of this collection. I think it's the best I've ever done, this, to me, is my new standard."


AuthorM said...

I love Scott's work and this peek into his mind!

-- M

AEhrhart said...

I love Scott's work and his attitude at a shoot make me work harder!!