August 27, 2007

Gamini Kumara

Fine art photographer and image maker, Gamini Kumara (born in Sri Lanka, living in Minneapolis, USA) currently works in advertising for living, but his choosen vocation is making images with various cameras (both film based and digital) and imaging software.

His contemporary and experimental works have been showed at Offbeat Gallery, MN Center for Photography and Museum of American Art.

By himself :

" I have always been captivated by the beauty of nature and the female figure form. I see certain eroticism in both. Nature and the human figure. After all they are all nature !

I always gravitate towards making images expressive and dark. These are the types of images I tend to admire the most.

I do not strive to make "perfect" images. After all, well lit, well exposed, well done, well styled images should belong in the world of advertising and not in my image making efforts !

With modern technology a world of creative possibilities have opened up for me as of lately and I am taking advantage of all that in an obsessive fashion. The scanner, digital camera, Adobe Photoshop and the Macintosh all help me realize my creativity while I am making the picture.


Initially my studies were in the sciences. Due to my interest in light, film and lenses (all that came from my physics and chemistry classes) I drifted more and more to arts and photography and attended arts school to learn more about the process of art making and artists, and things have never been the same. I am constantly looking at other artists' work and try to understand and speak the visual language and to develop a better vocabulary so to speak, visually."

"Nude sepia"


You'll find his works at : his official site, his beautiful photoblog, PicassoMio, JPG Magazine, ALTphotos.

Thank you Gamini for the beauty you give us.

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