August 14, 2007

Nathan Strausse, a new member

You know what ? I've received this night a message from Nathan Strausse, and I believed it was a spam... Yes. But, I don't know why, maybe my lucky star, I've opened it and met a true photographer and a director. It was a kind message inviting me to see his portfolio. What I did with a great pleasure.

Nathan Strausse is 34 years old. He lives in Los Angeles, California, USA, where dreams come true. Fleshbot has written a beautiful article about his talent.

In november 2007, "an upcoming feature titled “My Favorite Model” from Goliath Publications will be set for release". What a nice planning !

Thanks Nathan. You'll come back soon, I know it.

Justine 3 10 2006

"Justine 4/24/2006"

" My work combines an innovative use of light, a unique approach of environment and most importantly, my connection with my subjects. My imagery celebrates the beauty."

"Justine 4/24/2006"

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