February 17, 2013

Alessandro Ansuini's Interview

Alessandro Ansuini
, how did your passion begin ?

I always thought about photograpy, since from when I’m just a poet. The using of images interesting me a lot. It’s start when the time is mature. How do I say, I keep photography for the middle part of my life. I want to show what I like to see. Just this. Every place can be interested, you can found a world into a nutshell, but If i had to choose one I choose these with natural light, dawn and sunset.
I always bring with me my camera. But when I feel I become obsessive, I left it, I don’t like to be a slave of nothing.

Who are your great guys in the job ?

I discover one just now. Terry Richardson is really amazing.

"The lunch in London"

What is your process of artistic creation ?

 It's a perfect organized chaos. I work really fast, making a lot of pics at the same time. For the work that join two or more pics, I have to try more.

Do you find easily your models ? What kind of ambiance do you install to warm the often shy atmospher of the beginnings ?

 Who found easily the models ? Only Terry Richardson, eheh. I’m a good speaker. I mean, I talk a lot. And when I have hypnotized the model I shot, I don’t like very much the pose.

Do you make many corrections on a long period, or do you find immediatly the sense of your work ?

It depends. Inspiration is a breathe of god, then you have to work with the human things. When I say god. I don’t mean a religious god, but some energy that moves the stars and the other things.

Model and Self-Photographer Ladyshave

How do you know when all is finished ?
Uh, normal. Let me explain this thing : in my opinion, photography is the most easily and weak of the arts, and when I say weak I mean that everyone can do an amazing photography. Photography is a whore, she accepts all, like the sea in summer.

But at the same time, if you asked me which art makes me feel really emotionated I answer music and photography.

So, when I finish my work I feel normal, because it's not me the artist, but the photography that use me to masturbate himself.

How do you feel when your work leaves you ?

I’m not possessive of my works, but I’m happy if my works provocated reactions, of all kind. When all is finished, I feel like Alice in wonderland, a theft in a desert supermarket, like in the movie Zombie.

"The delicate sound of"
Model Ladyshave

What is your artistic dream ?

Makes poetry shot, at the limit between pornography and erotism.

Will you soon participate to an exhibition ?

 I made a personal exhibition in Bazzano, into a middleage castle, let me think, in October 2006. And I exposed 2 pics at the Sherer 8 in Berlin, in March 2007, but now the place is closed.

What's for you next ?

I have to prepared an exhibition inside a restaurant in Bazzano called Porta Castello. It can be a strange thing because I put also the video in the restaurant, choose the music for the ambient, and read some poems the first day. The date is for October 2007.

"People like slow c."
Model Ladyshave

Do you publish ?

Yes, 3 official books, and 12 or 13 with mi independent press. I handmade my books. The first official was "Ronde de la nuit", in 2002, a book of short novels that you can read also at reverse. The second book, published in 2005, is my most big work, is called "Zero". It's a long poem of 256 pages. I don’t put my name on the book. He is anonymous. The last one is "Indagine di uno stalkee a proposito della muraglia cinese", in English sounds like Investigation of a Stalker about the great Chinese wall, and it's a book of poems.

Where can we find your books ?

You can found all this book from my blog, [link]. You can see the images on the right.

Model Ladyshave

Is there happy professional things in your next future ?
Yes ! I want to work hard at my music poems, with my ensemble, Camera mix.

Thanks Alessandro ! What a pleasure !

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