October 3, 2014

Warren Brown, a new member

I enjoy working with the many contrasts that this world has : light and dark, rough and smooth, old and new, moving and still. " Warren Brown

"Turning Away..."

You'll find Warren Brown at his official site, deviantART.

Art Model Fi

Warren Brown is Australian, what means a lover of great landscapes, working majestically with the light and the shadows, these contrasts he enjoys so much.

As usual, progressing step by step in his portfolios, taking on the way a new lesson in harmony and grace, I've discovered a creative photographer, working with inspired models he never forgets to thank.

In his work on nude art, Warren Brown combines nature, geometry, light and technology perfectly.

I'm based in Sydney, N.S.W., Australia, but I often travel to Newcastle, the Central Coast, or Bathurst in the state's Central West, as well as travelling across most of Sydney at need.

I'm currently doing a fair amount of art-nude work, but also dabble in portraiture and other areas. I work in both digital and conventional film.

"Convergence""Hard edges and the stillness of cold concrete balanced against the softer lines and living textures of the human form."

I enjoy working with the many contrasts that this world has : light and dark, rough and smooth, old and new, moving and still. I try and express that through my work.

I prefer to work in BW, but experiment with colour sometimes.

I'm always on the lookout for unique places with textures that I can use in my work, and other artists who like to think outside the square occasionally.

Being challenged - by a location or a person - is a great thing, and benefits us all as we follow our artistic visions.

"Time Is Ours"
Art Model Niansa

"Corrugated Heart"
Art Model Niansa

"Taken in some very hard, cloud free sunlight."

From Michelle 7 (where he was exhibited 4 times) :

" Living on the northwestern outskirts of Sydney, Australia, Warren Brown has had a camera in his hands since his early teen years. He studied Photography at a technical college and developed a love for 35mm film, something he still works with quite frequently. He also shoots digitally but recently moved to a medium format film camera for most of his landscape work."

"Kickin' Back"
Art Model Sutha

Regardless of our medium of expression – be it chalks, pastels, acrylics, filmbase, charcoal, the 1’s and 0’s of digital, clay, or any of the many other mediums through which artists express themselves, it is the model who helps our creative vision take form... often asked to pose in odd positions for long periods, indoors and out, in the hot sun, cold wind, in various forms of attire (or none at all) without our models and muses, artists are left somewhat berefit of their vision.

So a short nod of thanks to the many models for helping us to realise our visions and give them life.

"Rising From The Threshold"
Art Model Believe Hope

"This image was shot just after dusk in a strong wind on a cool evening,
which explains the slight movement of the hair of the model."

There are some days when you go into a shoot, and no matter how you prepare, nothing works. There are other days that the shoot just flows, and everything just hums. Everything is going so well that you don't want to stop.

"Holding Me"

"For everyone who's ever felt the need to walk away from the modern world for a while
and try to be at one with nature, if only for a short time."

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Warren Brown said...

My very sincere thanks for the feature, I'm deeply honoured!

- Warren B.