January 9, 2016

Welcome Jose Manchado

Member since 2007

"Ezra revenge"
Art Model Yolanda

Born in Canary Island and living in Aranjuez, Spain, Jose Manchado is a self taught photographer, who learned his art watching pictures of numerous artists.

Self-called wildlife photographer, Jose Manchado is one of this incredibly prolific creator (more than 150 000 photographs with male and female art models) who is thinking night and day about photography. A devoted passionate...

Have a look into his huge portfolio and you will discover a talented photographer, working sucessfully on a wide range of themes.

"Binda Pict"

"Family walk"

"Cuckoos nest"
Art Model Ana

" The first thing I teach to a new model it's respect. If the model don't feel secure in a shooting, she won't make the things right. The models are always my friends because we work together in the picture and it ends better with two minds on it."

Art Models Yoko and Lau

"Under Aphrodite's influence"

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