September 23, 2015

Richard Biardeau, Photograper, drawer, painter and philosopher

Member since 2011

Eclectic, humoristic, authentic, full of a delicious and warm kindness. Drawer, painter and philosopher...Crazy, poetic, symbolistic, the universe of Richard Biardeau is full of surprises ! And laughs. I love his (self) dérision. As much as the message he gives us.Fan of Max Sauco and Anton Solomoukha, there is no hazard, Richard has a vision I deeply like.

You know me, I won't talk about his ways to do. I saw and I love. It's the famous wow! factor. But if I could, I would d say that Richard makes me proud to have called this site "Univers d'Artistes". With him, we enter again in another dimension. The fourth or the sixth ? Who knows ? Anyway, a strange one full of truth.

Richard, merci de tout cœur pour votre confiance.

His bio :

When I was a little child I used to spend all my time drawing , growing up in an artistic environment. When I was 20, I (stupidly) used to consider photographs like potential documents for my drawings.

A few time after in an art-school, I made some friends. A lot of them were photographers and introduced me to famous artists I never saw : Les Krims, Duane Michael, Sandy Glosgun, Jan Saudek, Helmut Newton. Then came Max Sauco, I love his work !, Anton Solomoukha. Also Frédéric Fontenoy, Gilles Berquet, Mirka Lugosi who I met. And more (never ending list !)

An evening, dining with my best friend, I asked his girl friend to pose for me. I just thought I had to use my pencils and paper, but he told me :

If she agrees, it's the good occasion to teach you photography.

And he initiated me to the art of argentic photography. As early as I began to learn photography, I had the privilege to work with a model !

Later someone gave me the Minolta SRT 100B (which belonged to his dad). I bought my labotory, and so on, this were 30 years ago ! Now I use numeric, computers and photoshop. I've just offered myself a Leica X1.

Today, I can't consider my life without my camera and my models !

His Images and words. I love that. It's my writer's dream.

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