September 15, 2013

Jose Manchado's interview

" The first thing I teach to a new model it's respect. If the model don't feel secure in a shooting, she won't make the things right. The models are always my friends because we work together in the picture and it ends better with two minds on it."

"Under human skin"
Art Model Suse Kew

You'll find Jose Manchado at deviantART

Jose, tell us how did your passion for photography begin ?

There is 3 years ago, making portraits for my friends. Then making amateur nudes, I quickly found that showing the sex is too easy and doesn't please to the models. As my models are mostly female, I learned to hide the sex with grace.

I think an elegant nude is really better when you don't show the entire nude body. And when I want some more sensual picts, I never show the body, only the lips, the fingers, the face, only parts who let us imagine much more... It's really funny to watch the face of people during my exhibitions.

Art Model Ana

Did you learn your art at school ?

 No, I just kill the photographers asking too many questions, ha ha ha !

"Brito style"
Art Model Alma

You're so prolific !... How long could you be far from your camera ?

 No more than 1 week.

Who are your greatest inspirators ?

 Well, now I'm trying to improve my skills about the light. So I'm always watching picts, thinking how to make the same light set. And now, working on a new project called "Warrior women", I'm watching at my old illustration books and magazines, metal hurlant, comics, 1984...

"Child story"
Art Model Maria

"Let me wake up into your dream"
Art Model Beam

Your favorite photographers ?

Ufff ! Too much on my list, Helmut Newton, Herb Ritts, Eugenio Recuenco, André Brito...

I know how much this question is difficult, but what words will you use to define your style ?

 I don't have style... I think to have a style it's to make the same things, even if it's with different models in different places. For me, that's really boring.

I'm always trying to learn from other great photographers, because it makes the things more funny, more complicated. I never stop learning.

"Nude into a square crop"

"My treasure"
Art Model Alex

What is your favorite theme ?

Outdoors nudes, in the nature or abandoned places.

I often try to integrate the nude figure into the scene so you can view first the scene and later the nude figure.

Is your photography mostly nudes ?

No, the most part of my weekends I shoot at a motorcycle circuit.

What is your process of creation ? Do you plan every details or is it improvisation from the beginning to the end ?

I explain to the model the idea for every shoot, with drawings or picts, with the pose, the light and all things that we'll use (fabrics, masks, etc.). So, we work the most part of the time with a script. Sometimes without, but it's rare.

"Sit down baby"
Art Model Morella

Do you feel particularly inspired by a type of location ?

Yes, I love the old factories and the irish pubs.

"Dead of Venus 02"
Art Models Ana, Sara and Alex

"Dangerous girl"
Art Model Ana

Art Model Elsa

What are your preferences, indoor, outdoor, lights, bw, color ?

 Indoor flash light, outdoor natural light, with soft flashlight or dark with hard flash light. When I make a good balance of color, I leave it into color, if not I transform into b&w. I like making darker or lighten the channels red and yellow.

I know how much you respect your models. Some words about them ?

I try to not work with professional models because they don't work well for my camera, only using one face, they don't express the feelings I'm waiting.

I prefer working with normal people and get the best part of them.

"Bea way of sword"
Art Model Bea

A shooting that you particularly liked ?

The last spring I made a shoot with the best photographer of Portugal, André Brito, 2 days, 6 models, a lot of different sets... It was hard and funny.

How do you feel at the end of a shooting ?

When it's a good shoot, I feel sad because the magic of the light and the model is ended. I feel tired, dirty (many times I have to rest) but with a big smile and wonderful picts into my cf card.

Have you a special project, some challenges you're dreaming about in a near future ?

 I'm working on my projects "Wintermute" and "Warrior women". I'm also collaborating into a fashion shoot with 3 designers and a lot of models. It will be a crazy organization but I'm sure that it will be funny !

"Creation 4th version"
Art Model Bollu

"Creating a new world"
Art Model Patricia

Art Model Suse Kew

Is your next exhibition scheduled ?

No. My last exhibition was at Nimes, France, in a gay pub, just for meeting friends, not for sale my prints.

"My name it's madness"
Art Model Virginia

"Paradiso perduto"

You still don't have published a book, I believe. Maybe have you been published in magazines ?

 I have picts into magazines of bikes, music, but they're aren't very known. Today I'm collaborating with the venezuelan magazine Exo2.

Besides shooting, another passion ?

My house and my girlfriend ! But I don't have many time with my 2 works. My personal life is really complicated !

A message to send ?
Work hard, check the lights, see the model expressions, work the composition, the background, and shoot !

Thanks you very much Jose !

"Present to god"
Art Model Mamen


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i can tell Jose is the best photographer I ever meet

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Wow! This is a knockout interview! How wonderful to see it!

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A fabulous read, really great photogaphy and totally inspiring, thank you to all of you.