January 4, 2008

Emel's first feature

You'll find Emel at : his official site, deviantART.


Emel is a young french photographer from Paris, in France (as everybody know it ! I believe ?...).

Portraitist above all, Emel will make a great carrier in photography, without question and any shadow of doubt.

To understand how much she's appreciated, here is a wonderful compliment she received from Paul Cook :

" Your work is so magnificently beautiful that it takes my breath away. My compliments on your incredible work and gallery."

And another nice one from my dear friend and photographer Terrell Neasley :
"I am sincerely adoring your portraiture."



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

quel univers artistique un noir et blanc "en couleur"!!!!
bravo emel tes photos sont épurées et sensuelles...
la lumière intensifie le noir ,je suis fan.
à bientôt