January 31, 2008

Frank Piccolo, by Iris Dassault


Written by Iris Dassault :

Frank Piccolo is a professonal photographer, located in Windsor Ontario. He has over 20 years of experience as a photographer shooting most film formats from 35mm to Large 4"x5" sheet film and Digital as well.

Frank has a soft spot for fine art photography and he executes his work with a level of precision and detail that really impresses. Believe me, as one of his models, I have witnessed his quest for perfection more than once. His technical depth as a photographer is obvious and undeniable, but he probably surprises me the most with his creative ideas and artistic vision.

"My world"

"Lunar birth"
Art Model IranianLuvGoddess

"Breath taking"
Art model Chantal Melissa

"Rain Barrel"

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