January 2, 2008

Contributing Artists' B&W

" Life is like a good black and white photograph, there's black, there's white, and lots of shades in between." Karl Heiner
Jiri Ruzek
"Girl Next Door II"

Andrew Kaiser
"In Bed"

Alex Ingram
"Inchbae 1"
Art Model Helen

Michal Tokarczuk
"Let it be"

Dave Ayerst Davies
Art Model ERosanne

Vahid Naziri
"Candace 13"

Steve Johns
Art Model Kitten

Ian McInnes
"The dreaming"

Robert Lubanski
"Temptation 01"
Art Model Claudia

James M Graham
Art Model Melanie

Beau eRomantica
"Abbey 2"
Art Model Abbey

Scott Nichol
"Pictures of Rael"
Art Model Rael C

Dave Hare
"Classic Skye"

Darren Phillips
"A Day Out"
Art Models Sonja & Bella

Doug Winsor
"At Cristal Cres"

Terrell Neasley
"I like the sun too"

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Dave Rudin said...

Nice selection, Chris.