June 25, 2014

Welcome Rust2D

"Urban 2"Fantazma series
Bodyart by Ilmir

Rust2D at his official site, photosight.ru, deviantART, Model Mayhem.

Art Model Milena

" My inspiration sources ? The beauty around me. I can't escape it, it is always around me."

And he's right ! Of course. Beauty is everywhere.

Rust2D lives in Moscow, Russia, this country so rich of fabulous artists.

Rust2D is a 30 years old renowned photographer... Only 30... I let you imagine what will be his work in the long future he has.

It took me several days to search the best words to introduce his art. And much more to choose the photographies that could give you the best vision of his prodigious talent. I know his work since 8 years, because he's everywhere on the web, and I'm always surprised by the power of his imagination.

Art Model Shima

Rust2D is an accomplished and worldwide recognized artist, firmly contemporary.

Like Nikola Borissov or François Benveniste, two Masters who contribute since the beginning of this site, Rust2D is a wonderful portraitist and a true composer.

Lighting, settings, compositions, expressions (emotions !), details, in color or B/W, and always disregarding conventions, we see a true signature in each of his pieces of art. Sophisticated or minimalist, he shows an inexhaustible curiosity and an inventiveness that bring us the very best, his very best.

Thanks a lot for your confidence.

"Panthera"Fantazma seria
Art Model Svetlyac

Art Model Antique

" I liked to draw when I was a child. After ten years of drawing (most of the time copying the old masters), I began to win some money from my art.

In 2001, I bought my first camera and started to push the button. However, for the first half of the year, I didn't shot one good photography, although I did it everyday, and never lost my hope.

In 2002, I was invited in a children' musical production. The scenographer and producer asked me to make some photos of the young artists for a booklet.

I had a session with a young actress with huge green eyes. She was really beautiful... And when I printed my first picture of her, I was so impressed that I literally climbed down from the wall to the floor and looked at it during 3 hours...

It gave me shivers, a good sign that explained me what I could do in the future. At this moment, I think I've understood and found my way.

"Fantazma - Black Ksenya"
Art Model Ksenya Ivanova
Black aqua paint bodyart

"Fantazma - Silhouette"
Art Model Janna

Endless Fantazma project

When I started I liked only beautiful faces and luxury elegant poses. At this time I didn't think about the backgrounds and a good lighting. If compositions and prettiness of the models satisfied my appetites, I thought my shot was really good.

Then I started to shot in studio. I tried to "eat" the faces and bodies with deep shadow and began my experiments with colour filters and different lightning schemes, and liked it most.

After a few years of endless shootings, I've understood that shots with interesting ideas are much better than pictures with only sensual and beautiful girls... Better later than never. So I've started to write scenaries for my sessions.

"Flying heal"

I often prefer to work with my make-up and hair artist and stylist. And I don't grudge time and money and don't spare myself to generate new interesting colour or b&w rectangle.

It's really cool to live one-day-life with a new person and be really open with him. It's like a blood transfusion, an exchange of energy and sex with an human you will never meet again.

I think courtesy kills photography, people continuing to display their civil smiles and showing their control on situation. And their false is truly showed on pictures. Photogenic people don't mean pretty-faced people. Photogenic people are in harmony with themselves. And, of course, if you want to make your name in Photography, you need to work only with the most charismatic persons.

Alena Belucci


"Bald prisoner"
Art Model Ksenya Ivanova

So you need cruising and make of your life a big adventure.

You also have often to go away from all those who surround you, and that you like, to take new impressions from new people. You don't need to hold somebody with you. You must be rolling stone with lenses. That's how I'm living. I know one man who's walking down the street with the eyes shut. Now I begin to understand him : don't be afraid to be open and funny, on the thin line between the clown and the joker.


My projects ?

"Black smoka"
Fantazma series

This spring I've finished my first music video as a director, editor and cutter. Now, I'm writing a new scenary and drawing the frames.

This summer I want to make my first short movie, which is called "Body-Shop".

I also want to finish my photo-album which I've collected already 2 last years. The idea is to make from two frames - third meaning... It's really hard to put together left and right frames with such a concept. Here are my plans for this summer."

"Harley girl"
Art Model Alena

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