June 14, 2010

A Busy Summer, by Howard Nowlan

Written by Howard Nowlan

Art Model Ginny

"For me there is a close connection between art and religion in the sense that both are concerned about questions of meaning - if not about the meaning of existence generally, then certainly about the meaning of one's individual life and how a person relates to his or her total community/environment". Freeman Patterson

It truly is wonderful to live in a place, where, at least for a few months every year, the sun causes nature to put on her best and allows you to go out and inter-act with that marvel. It's certainly improved upon when you find yourself blessed to be working with a group of friends and artists who feel as passionate about that inter-action as yourself, and that has certainly been the case this year.

I've always enjoyed working with others - both photographers and models - who understand there's something truly special, meaningful, about capturing the natural nude; the female form adorned either by the landscape or arrayed with natural light. This year has furnished several very wonderful moments to do just that.

Working with my associate, Julie Morrish, and masters like Imagesse and Laurie Jeffery, has once again allowed myself and other growing photographers, like Tom to employ the likes of Ginny, Allegra, Erin and, of course, Magenta on a range of shoots that have gleaned some truly worthwhile results...

Art Model Ginny
The May workshop

Art Model Erin
The Exmoor Workshop

Art Model Magenta
The Exmoor Workshop

There's something truly unique about awaking on a day when you know that the aim of that day is to create images like these - especially, as was the case for the Exmoor shoot, when you venture to some new location to be ready to shoot early the next day.

As we sat in a cabin late in the evening on the Moor itself, the little electric generator buzzing away to give us light, we all knew that the next morning would be a very special time, when, in those hours which gently form between night and day, we would truly engage with a moment of serenity. Such moments truly enrich us deeply.

Art Model Erin

The other joy is making connections with other artists. There's such a gift in 'tasting' of and sharing each others creativity in such projects, allowing moments of deep warmth, humor, and overwhelming beauty and causing you to really value the gifts we have and how these can inter-connect and blend to bring a deeper richness and quality to such work. I've truly enjoyed working with these friends this year, and I'm hoping that many of us will enjoy further ventures together before the summer is over...

Art Model Magenta

The Workshop Videos can be viewed here:
Ginny - the May Workshop: http://www.missonline.com/video/serenity-1
Erin, Allegra and Magenta - the Exmoor Workshop: http://www.missonline.com/video/everglow-1
Wind Shadow with Magenta -

I have also been busy on one other project, which I'm pleased to say has now been brought to completion....

For some time, I've been slowly compiling images from the last seven years that I consider to be some of my best work in this field.

I'm please to say these have now been published in my first true book for the general market...

Gentle Upon the Eye is now available
to purchase in several different formats through Blurb.com.

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