June 19, 2010

Micheal Armstrong, new member

You'll find Micheal Armstrong at his official site.

Two months ago, I received that :

" Chris, I was hoping to submit these photographs for your site. Let me know if they are good enough. I pull 90% of my inspiration from your site, and would love to give back to the community."

What could I answer ? 90% of his inpiration... Wow ! So I told him yes of course. Because I appreciated a lot his kindness and I love to help the young photographers who will become the masters of tomorrow.

BW addicted, Micheal Armstrong from Australia shoots nudes since only 2 years. Among the large number of pictures he sent me, I've selected these ones for their artistic quality.

So... Welcome on board Micheal ! We'll follow you... :)

Let's hear him :

My name is . I'm 24, from Brisbane, Australia, and I'm trying to run a fledgling fine art business called Strong Photography, specialising in Art Nudes and Landscapes.

I use photography as a way of destressing, and prooving that there is natural beauty in life.

I have been photographing in general about 5 years and nudes for about 2. As of yet I haven’t been exhibited, but I'm working towards my first, and I'm looking for galleries here and in Europe or the States who would be interested in displaying my works.

I tried my hand at lots of different forms of photography before I settled on nudes. I felt that there was too much crap to contend with when shooting fashion and glamour. With my nudes its just the model, the environment and me displaying the beauty that many don’t get to see.

Models often tell me that they wouldn’t make good nude models because they have imperfections, but I remind them that it's the imperfections that make them perfect.

I love shooting outdoors, juxtaposition of hard and soft, rough and gentle is what I love. But lately I have been doing studio work and I quite enjoy it.

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