July 16, 2010

Welcome Santiago Hernández (aka Caraban)

" A man with two cameras in the eyes."
Santiago Hernández (aka Caraban)

"La gula"

Yoy may admire his work at deviantART.

"La libertad"

"La nostalgia"

From Tenerife, Canary Islands, Santiago Hernández is a nude photographer working mainly in soft tones of B&W. It's his choice, his preference and he's so right :

" I am a lover of the artistic nude in black and white who started to learn and practise very young."

Obsessional photographer, I follow him since a long time for his inspired way to approach different subjects with success.

"La desidia"

I like his settings, his imagination in the poses, the titles of his photographs.

I also clearly see the famous "Golden Ratio" in a lot of his compositions. The Renaissance artists knew it as the Divine Proportion and used it for beauty and balance in the design of art.

You can't miss it in his work if you take the time to admire each image shown here, if you go beyond these famous 3 seconds that a majority of people think enough to appreciate an artwork. But we're not like them, isn'it ?

"La meditacion"

"La serenidad"

" Quiero agradecer a toda la gente por el apoyo que cada día recibo. Es lo que me hace seguir con esta afición, nuestra afición : LA FOTOGRAFÍA.

I want to thank all the people for the support that I receive every day. It's what makes me keep going on with this interest, our interest : the Photography."

"La afliccion"

"In the Sabina tree - II"

"La cortesana"

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