July 20, 2010

St Merrique viewed by

St Merrique, art model, author and singer for Dhatura

OnePixArt -
"Merrique V"

David LeBeck -

Dystopian Studio
"Left Behind I"

Sidney Etienne

Joseph Orsillo
"Ancient Marble"

DearestGrudge Studio
"Sirop Noir II"

John Carman

NatLight Studio

Matt Conrads

Charles E. Nevols -

Wendy Levin

Sylvie Blum -
"Swimming in Light"

Brad Lashua
"Northern State Hospital"

"At Northern State Hospital County Park with photographer Brad Lashua. It was a heavily haunting place. Deserted and rustic. On the wall of one of the buildings read : "In Silence They Wait". Oooooh. But definitely a photographer's playground."

Aaron Feinberg -
"St Merrique I"

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the fallen angel social club said...

simply wow ..... :-)

some rather wonderful images

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