July 21, 2010

Welcome Sharon Yanai

Sharon Yanai at his official site.

"Soft and Sensual"


Sharon Yanai, from Israel, is first a very good portraitist who has this special touch I find in the amazing work of Nikola Borissov... It means a very (very, very) beautiful one.

His photographs capture beautiful expressions, well balanced, in soft tones for a large part of his nudes, because he's also a Fine Art Photographer who works hard in his studio to give us his best. I must confess I'm impatient to see more outdoors shots ;)

He contacted me, he's a suscriber, a passionate reader, thanks !, and we decided to do this feature together. So "Welcome Sharon ! This place is yours."

"Looking at the Light"

"At the Window"

Sharon Yanai was born in Haifa, Israel in 1969.

Since he was young he loved photography and visual arts and was always with a camera at hand.

In the late 90's he started working as an amateur photographer volunteering for jobs including both video and stills photography.

In 2005 he made his first documentary movie accompanying a group of Israeli educators for a journey of a life time to Poland. This movie marked a stage in his love to photography thanks to the gratitude and appreciation he got both in Israel and Poland.



Some words just for us :


"I got my first camera when I was very young. I used it to document family trips and school events.

I have felt strong passion towards photography, for as long as I can remember, yet, only as I turned thirty I pursuing photography professionally.

Today, I am an art and fashion photographer who specializes in portraits, fashion and fine-art nudity.

As for my Fine-art nudity, I shoot mostly at the studio which is a very relaxed environment that supports creativity.

I use lights as part of the set decoration and not only for lighting the model. I try to build the shoot together with the model and make her a partner in creation. Throughout my experience I have discovered that the more the model is involved in the process of making the photos the better results will follow."

"Soft and Sensual"

Sharon Yanai

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Very nice work, I specially like the "Arc". Thanks for sharing