August 29, 2010

St Merrique by...

You'll find St Merrique at her very active blog, her Model Mayhem 1, deviantART, her MySpace, Dhatura official site, her First Feature and a lot all about her here inside.

She's so talented that you see her one day per month, maybe more, love doesn't count.

Working with the greatest photographers, author herself, I read one of her next song, that she'll sing because she's a singer too, I'm so impatient to hear her !!!, St Merrique is someone important in my heart.

St Merrique is a pure artist as I love them. She believes in what she does and she does it with faith and passion. I feel so close.

She translated some of my French texts in American ! With my so dear Gayle, who makes part of the Univers d'Artistes Team, she's only the second human being in this huge world who did it. Imagine my happiness and my joy thinking how much it's difficult to find the emotions of a text written in an other native language. What a work she did ! And how much she appreciates my words to pass such a long time to do the best translation possible. She had to enter in my mind. She did it with brio.

So, here is St Merrique, again, a wonderful woman, a so precious person.

by Aaron Feinberg -
"The Tree"

by F.W. Scharpf -
"In the Woods"

by NatLight Studio

by Stan Schutze
"Catching Winter Breeze"

by Terence Stevens
"Untitled black and white"

by Tom Lane -
"Grande Femme"

by Tom Lane -

by Vernon Trent -
"Rolling away per request"