December 1, 2010

Betcee May, Art Model and Muse

Betcee May

by Rodney Ray

Betcee May is an internationally renowned model. I'm sure that everybody know her (it's really impossible to miss her work !).

That said, she's also a passionate painter since her childhood, what explains her so particular artistic approach :
"My subjects have always been women. There is an intense beauty that comes across when people are in their most natural state, nude. As an artist, this provided constant inspiration."
In the beginnings of my long Columbo's style investigation, I believed she was a model, and that's it, a true Muse dedicating with success her life to this so difficult work. But, surfing from site to site, I've discovered how much she cares for life... I've seen the quality of her texts and the deepness of her humanism. I've seen her shining soul. Wow...

While reading her, I was more and more surprised to meet an artist so engaged. And, finally, before to write these words, I told me with a big smile : " yes, we are all connected."

Now, I know why David L. Le Beck loves her so much. And, stronger than ever, with hope and impatience, I'm waiting for my Muse... And she knows what I mean.

by Ward LaForme
"Sun Seduction"

" We are all important and we are all connected.
I believe that is the most important lesson of all : it is about being in this moment right now - alive, open and evolving."

Who I am ?

" Nekkid twirling, swirling daisy fairy girl skipping and tripping barefoot through mud, blue glass, hearts and chocolate....
I am lazily eager, inspired and sleeping most of the time. I will eat anything.
Play the guitar for me and I am yours.
I like boys who are gentlemen and girls who are a little more raw and not scared of me.
I come from wild hippy free flowing amazingly brilliant and wonderful parents. I was born in a barn on eighty acres of trees and daisies. Coming out, I was early, backwards and not breathing... I make up for it now.

I was raised to see the beauty and have ultimate respect for human and animal life, the planet I was born onto, and my own existence. I was brought up with few boundaries and with an expectation to constantly grow and challenge myself on all levels.

by Mark Tierney
"...and on my knees I..."

by Ward LaForme

I have been everywhere and still nowhere somehow.
Quiet. Analytical. Emotional. Passionate. Sensual. Raw. Alive. Bruised. Wanderer. Spontaneous.
Maternal. Hungry. Dreamer. Playful.
Tree-hugger. Tree-climber. Mud wrestler.
I love my dog.
I've been told I smell like playdough.
I look like my mom.
I moisturize with olive oil.
I am secretly ...

Look me in the eyes and I will tell you anything.
I fall in love every day.

by Rick Schamberger

by Rick Schamberger
"Timeless, ageless..."

I'm a damn good muse.
I like to make naked art.
I'm an artist.
My skin is my multi dimensional moving-living-breathing-inspiring canvas.
That's why I'm here.

by Robert Faber

I have said I am a muse on a mission. This is largely in reference to my work as a model.

To me, being called a muse is the greatest compliment I could receive.
As an artist myself, I have full understanding of how important inspiration is. If I can provide that to someone, or to many... what an ultimate blessing.

What makes you wake up in the morning ? What motivates you ? What inspires you ? If I can be the answer to any of this, that alone gives me purpose.

My mission - to inspire both myself and others, to grow, challenge, think, share, work towards a greater good, love my planet and those who walk it, to LIVE, fully.

by dbImages
"Sweet winds of Ireland"

But... ?... What is a Muse ?
The demonstration by David LeBeck

by David LeBeck
"Keyhole Rock, 292"

" Recently my dear friend and muse Betcee May wrote in response to a comment on one of our photos the following note :
"I think one of the wonderful things about David's work is that he truly appreciates the honest beauty of a woman, without the gloss and pretense that so many photographers hide their subjects in.

By letting ME shine through and not a photoshop filter, he is demonstrating his trust in something that goes beyond glam. He is showing Life. These are images that make you want to crawl into them, reach out and touch, caress, smile and love with." Betcee May

by David LeBeck

"Two Rocks, 129"

Betcee said something very much like this to me directly on our very first shoot together. I've been trying fitfully to get her to put it in writing ever since. When I saw this I was touched and thrilled. What a wonderful thing for her to say.

I know that when she writes so eloquently like this she speaks from her heart. To know that she believes in me like this is humbling, and wonderful. I realize also that perhaps I inspire her a little too. This is part of why she inspires me, like no one else can, to try to make photographs that make you want to crawl into them, touch and caress, smile and love with. I'm so grateful to her for the inspiration she gives me. I'm proud and astounded by the response to the Art we create together !"

by David LeBeck
"BackboneTrail, 175"

" Thank you My Friend, My Muse !
You make me strive.
You make me think.
You make me better than I was before I met you.
I raise my glass of spirit from the land of my Illustrious Ancestors and toast the many years of collaboration we have ahead of us !"

by David LeBeck

by David LeBeck
"Two Rocks, 068"

by David LeBeck
"Planet - Skin - Heart"


Christophe Vermare said...

That's a great post! Really.
Like BetceeMay' and David' works/words a lot.

Merritt A. Vincent/Photographer said...

I am truly honored to have BetceeMay as my divine feminine muse!