December 1, 2010

Black Shadows

André Brito -
"No title 55"

Art Model and Photographer Kat Love -

Grzegorz Zawadzki

William Earle -
"Emotion of Form"

Art Model Keira Grant

Peter Stanton
Art Model Niansa

Joel Belmont -
"Series Where we look for truth"

Michael Siu -
"Beauty and Industry Plate 991"

Art Model Nettie R Harris -

Olga Bor

Mark Capitulov

Dave Hare -
"Monika in Recline"
Art Model Monika

Edoardo Pasero -
"Nude 9"

Doug Winsor -
"T darkjump"

Beetle Juise (Doronkin Alex)
"The Mask"

1 comment:

Jan said...

What an amazing collection - thank you so much for including my work.

I'm honoured.