March 7, 2016

Franck Bergereau, First Feature

You'll find Franck Bergereau, from France, at his site.

Franck Bergereau is a French photographer who stopped photography during a long long time.

Happily, he's deciding to come back. I say "happily" because he really has his own touch : French, of course, expurgated, playing with the emotions of "natural" women and mainly in B/W. He did a pretty good work and it's time he comes back to his first passion. I'm very impatient to see his new sources of inspiration... ?

So, cher Franck, welcome in the community ! And let's keep in touch !! ;)

"I was born in 1967 in Paris. In 1998, I leaved Paris for a small island called “l’Ile d’Yeu”, located at 14 miles from West French coasts.

Aged of 20, I’ve been assistant for fashion shows and, at the same time, I started to work in freelance for model agencies (Elite, Fam, City…). I also have been assistant in “le Studio Daylight”. I stopped after six years because fashion work was so far from my artistic aspirations.

During, more or less, 13 years, I gave my life to my other passion, music. I’m a singer, guitar and double bass player, song writer. I also write poetry."

After a too long break, I decided to get back to my first passion which I missed it so, photography. Soon, you could see my new series.


the fallen angel social club said...

stunning photographs... thanks to you and the photographer for sharing

best wishes


thierry said...

tes choix sont si sensible...