April 5, 2016

Simon Bolz : "Nothing but the naked truth."

 "Nothing but the naked truth."

"Mysterious Masks" Series
with Art Model Marta

"Frankfurt"Art Model Lily

Simon Bolz (34, from Germany) studied design and has his focus on nude photography since 2006. Only 5 years.

As he says :
"In my work I try to show the beauty and appeal of the female body without crossing the line."
And he's not the only one. This famous slim border between grace and sex. A little tease and never too much. As you see he succeeds. Inside, outside, in color or B/W. With inventivity. I love the "Mask Series" ! "Nine of Five" too.

For 2011 he has planned some outdoor projects and will be working in Southern France on a photo book and calendar. Of course, as I live there, Marseille, dear Simon you're welcome.

"Watching You Watching Me" Series
With Art Model Luca Garn

"Poker Face"
Art Model Melisa

"In 2005 I spend some time in Barcelona. Wandering around in the city with its dark and narrow alleys, I passed a small hidden shop that was selling hand-crafted masks like you normally know them from Venice. I bought a big one with many feathers and this was the beginning of my nude series.


Art Model Mangue

It's always very important to find a suitable model for what you have in mind.

When I come up with a theme for a new series, I already have most of the pictures in my mind long before the shooting.

It is difficult to explain but not every theme works out with every model as the personality of the model is always reflected in my photographs.

"Nine to Five" Series
With Art Model Akira Sun

"Hanky Panky"
Art Model Sarah Ann

While I create fantasies (and not only male ones) in my photos, it is very important to me not to cross the line. I don't want to be vulgar. But teasing is such a lovely thing. I really enjoy it!The names to my series usually come to my mind while editing the photos. I want my work to be packaged well, so the name plays its role, also.

In the end my photos should just be entertaining and create a good feeling when viewing. This is much more important to me than interpretation and searching for a deeper meaning.

For the summer of 2011 I have made up some plans. I want to do my first shooting outdoors. Right now, I am searching an old Citroën 2CV in red as a coupé. I picture myself in Southern France already, with this car and a nude model styled as a hippie."

"Femmes Fatales"
Art Models Jasmin, Karin, Sarah, Tina, Viktoria

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