May 10, 2011

Welcome Ruediger Beckmann, by Crina Prida

Ruediger Beckmann (1969) has been working in Hamburg, Germany, as an artistic photographer since 1998.

Since 2005 he has been exhibited and published regularly. His body of work culminates in the 268-paged book "Beyond Vanity" issued in december 2010.

"Portrait of K"

You'll find Ruediger Beckmann at his official site, deviantART, and his book here.

I have met Ruedi on deviantART, and I still remember the strong impact the image below had on me. I think it was the day when I subconsciously discovered that a woman's sensuality and eroticism lies way beneath a blank gaze int the camera.

Ruedi's art proves that a quest for ourselves can be frustrating at times, but also rewarding when all layers of vanity are dropped.

Welcome Ruedi and thank you for your art and inspiration !

"Portrait of a writer II"


Art Model Amelie

"Each of these unique renderings is handcrafted (these are not merely prints: the image appears by exposing sunlight to a paper treated with a photo-sensitive chemical mixture using an actual size contact negative)."

My main objective has been to capture a real possible emotion.

"Usually, photographers deal with surfaces, but it has become more and more important to go beyond that. Models are not forced to cooperate and function to the desires of the photographer, they work to their own rules and wishes. Concepts and themes are not really important, the real goal is to listen to the moment and get a grip on the present mood and feeling. The result is measured by its credibility."

"Dark Portrait of Anna"

Janina, Actress

"Waiting for the rain"

Please be sure to check his recently published book "Beyond Vanity". I am proud to have purchased it. It is the next best thing to meet the artist himself.

"Why do we want photos ? What were we looking for, and what are the new goals after such an experience ? Our own predudice vanishes over time and gives room for a new self-understanding. The further we go, the more interesting it gets.

That’s why »Beyond Vanity« is no a little coffee-table book, it’s a very autobiographical wrap-up of the past 12 years which explains its own concept over the sheer mass of pictures. 268 pages give a concise understanding of the concept to explore everyone’s very own personal beauty."

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