May 31, 2011

A Collective Exhibition

Zhang Jingna
Art Model Olga

Iris Dassault by Jim Young
"Michigan Central"

Mick Waghorne
"Body Geometary"
Art Model Laura

Richard Rasner
"In defiance"
Art Model Gwendelin Artanis

Akif Hakan Celebi
"It's Time For Stormy Weather"
Art Model Saori

Dave Swanson
"Red Riding Hood 7"
Art Model Abigail

Ian McInnes
"Time ticks by so slowly"

Stefan Gesell
"Portrait 003"

Ulorin Vex by Kelly Lind
"Don't Mishape Her"

Silvera Imaging
"Red and White"
Art Model Christy

Whitman O'Rourke
"Tutu and doll 1"
Art Model Laila

Warren Berlin
"In times of War"
Art Model Pixie

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