May 14, 2017

Monica Belluci is an Art Model
To write Fake Art 1 and 2 (uncensored), I was obliged to compare the true and the false, the respect of the body of the fake. Do you remember ? 2 years of a strange, exhausting and surprising journalistic investigation...

By the way an artist, each member of this collective art magazine, need you to keep going on to give you the beauty of our world. So feed us ! ūüėČ See our Bookstore

That said I've found these beautiful photograph of Monica Belluci, a famous French-Italian former model and pretty good actress. After Emmanuelle B√©art and Christina Ricci, she is the third and maybe the last one who deserves to be there. I will see in my huge collection, I promise ūüėä

And she told she loves the bodies, all the bodies, yes, she is for the nude ūüėČ :

Et le pire :

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Amor said...

Belas fotografias.