December 11, 2011

Never understood women but always loved them

Andrew Keiser can be found on deviantArt. He also has a website and writes his own blog. And he is not new to UdA, he has been featured before!

Here is Andrew in his own words:

"I’ve never understood women, and yet I’ve always loved them.  With every picture I take it seems that fascination grows deeper and deeper and enlightenment all the more elusive.  But still, I firmly believe if you strip away all that is unnecessary, all that women normally hide behind and use to define themselves, you will eventually see a small sliver of light to the soul with the click of a shutter.

My work covers a variety of mediums and methods including traditional film, Polaroid, and Pinhole photography.  In the end, it is not about capturing beauty or fantasy, but instead about creating what is human in all of us."

And this is a selection made by Andrew of his own favourite shots

I like when an image expresses joy.  I think far too often people treat artistic nudes as if they have to be some serious thing when that isn't necessarily true.

Sunshine will last

I am a complete sucker for a model staring right into the camera with confidence and strength.  I think this image captures that very well.

Tomorrow is sunday

A cold gaze
Sometimes an image can be both cold and warm at the same time.  This is one of those occasions.  

I often have a hard time what is more important; the subject or the environment that surrounds her.  It's a really rare thing when I can give them both equal weight.

Walking the line

Before it was summer
Basic shapes can often make great images.  Some women have those shapes in abundance and it never hurts to capitalize on that.

I could really make something up here about the subject becoming the photographer and what it means as an image maker to have the tables turned on him.  But in reality I'm a nerd and I like old cameras.  As such it often becomes a theme in what I do that I tell my subjects to just hold something pretty like a Rollei.  

Point and shoot

My lovely shapes
When I took this image I was thinking about geometric shapes and I told the model to mimic a triangle.  This is how she enacted that request.

Brooke Falls

Again, right into the camera.  No apologies, no forgiveness.  Just being who you are is a really wonderful thing.

Curve and Tone
A lot of times people think all I do is photograph super skinny women.  Believe it or not but I like curves.  In fact I like them a lot!  

Out of time
This is a rare indoor image that I am quite fond of.  The model's body language is very subtle but at the same time very telling.  There is an energy about it I've never been quite sure about which just draws me into it more!

Thank you Andrew! We wish you all the best for the future.

An announcement for all art nude lovers: 
Mark Varley has just published a book "Derelict Nudes" a collection of photography featuring Nudes in Derelict locations, featuring the work of several photographers and models
For your copy of the book please visit here. More about the artists here