October 23, 2008

Only indoors

Kiran Patil
"Isabella II"

Rob Benson
"What's gone before II"

David Charles
Art Model Muse

Perry Gallagher
"Kayla IV"

"The Unknown"

Art Model Ida

Doug Winsor
"Fear Nothing - 2"
Art Model Lozie

Vahid Naziri
"Nude Sitting in an Armchair"
Art Model Candace Nirvana

"Pink in the House II"

Marquita Norwood
"Closet Space"

Jarda Balek

Terrell Neasley
Art Model Trixie

Ian McInnes
"White city"

Scott Nichol
"Carly" -
Art Model Carly Erin

Gamini Kumara
"Day to Night"

John Peri
"Wine tasting"

John Tisbury
"Nude with head towel"
Art Model Shelly Radley

Scott Church
"Just may be a lunatic"

Rachel Lovitt

Brian Mackey
"Face from the past XXX"
Art Model Sam

"Automne mon amour"


CarlyErin O'Neil said...

I'm in good company here! :) Thanks for the inclusion- working with Scott is always a great experience! :)

Can't believe it's been so long since we shot that! Still a fave :)

ty, ceo, eternalsoulshine.blogspot.com

Chris St James said...

In a wonderful company dear Carly !!! ;)