May 25, 2018

Eric Daoust: when the beauty of the body is purely artistic and asexual

«Alone», with Amber-Jade

I think what makes photography so beautiful is that everybody has a very personal interpretation of an image: everyone can apply his own vision or create his own story to the captured moment he is observing.

His passion for photography brings Eric what he needs to flourish: it allows him to satisfy his creativity, which his very technical and analytical job does not allow him to fulfill, and it forces him to put aside his great shyness in order to be able to create a bond of trust with his models.

«Graceful», with Kate Snig

I now truly enjoy meeting new people and getting to know them. Moreover, I met many of my best friends through photography.

Initially self-taught, his first years in photography were devoted to landscapes. Too timid, his limited himself to this subject, feeling unable to collaborate effectively with people he did not know.

However, he had such a fascination with light and forms, that the exploration of the body through photography became increasingly imperative to him. In order to overcome his shyness, which was his only obstacle, he decided to facilitate his learning by taking part in workshops about portrait photography, studio work and interaction with models. To this, he added numerous readings on lighting techniques, on composition and on how to pose, in addition to a correspondence photography course. But mostly, he experimented all these new techniques with a trial and error approach.

In his early days in model photography, working in a studio was what he prefered: it allowed him to control the environment, the light and the shadows.

«Seductive Gaze», with Shiva Kay Peter 

Now, he is more and more inspired by various locations. Although he continues studio photography because of the arid winters in Canada, which limits the possibilities, he hopes to be able, increasingly, to explore different spots for his photoshoots.

I am in love with the deserts in the southwest of the United States. It's my favorite environment for photography. I wish I could travel more and explore Europe. I woud love to do a photo session in a castle in Scotland, to explore the beauties of Iceland, or to create images in a theater.

«Nude in the Valley», with Anais Palacios

«Naiad», with Mahee Blais Bernatchez

«Shade of the Mountain», with Jessica Dawn

«Desert Dancer», with Anais Palacios

«In the Clouds», with Jill Voss

For his photoshoots, Eric prefers to start with a basic idea, like a location that inspires him or a style of lighting that he would like to exploit, and then he moves forward in this exploration in a more spontaneous way. He moreover likes allowing the model to express herself through her poses, which a too precise idea would add a constraint to their spontaneity so essential to create.

«Studio Nude», with Rachel Dashae

I always loved and been fascinated by the image. 
I like the idea of capturing a moment, a fragment of
 perfection that may never come back, and freeze it in time.

«Couch», with Kate Snig

The models with whom he collaborates are his greatest source of inspiration and he loves to develop with them the ideas that they may have. A model with whom magic will undoubtedly operate will be the one who knows how to pose without needing to be directed and who will pass emotions through her poses and attitudes. Specific types of bodies, styles, or beauties are not necessarily aspects that will influence his creativity. The work in nude photography is about light and shadows that settle on forms and that create the very portrait of beauty.

«Lost in Thoughts», with Starla

I hope that my work can contribute to the idea that basically, nudity in artistic photography is not sexual. Nudity is beautiful and it should not be perceived negatively or be judged.

Several years ago, Eric had done an artistic nude session with a model whose mother was against the fact that her daughter was photographed naked. The model did the photoshoot anyway and later, she had shown the photos to her mother. This one had then contacted Eric to admit to him that she found the photos really beautiful. Knowing that she did not approve this project at first, it was one of the most beautiful compliments he had received in his photographic career.

Between the moment I am working with the model and the pleasure of seeing the final result and sharing it with them, I could not say what I prefer most. These are moments that bring me so much satisfaction and happiness.

«The Stairs», with Joanie D.

Eric appreciates the work of several photographers including Dan Hecho, Andre Brito, Eric Boutillier Brown, but he particularly likes the way Russians work in artistic nude. Igor Amelkovitch, Michael Tarasov, Pavel Kiselev, among others, have all his admiration.

He participated in a few collective exhibitions, but he would like, one day, to be able to do his own solo exhibition.

«Backyard Fence», with Kaitlin Chapple

There are so many things I would still like to explore in photography. I cannot imagine that one day I may stop practicing this form of expression.

«The Alcove», with Sienna Hayes

My dear Eric, I sincerely hope you will never stop developing your talent and pushing your art farther. Your photos honor our feminity, in all its forms, and it is a real privilege to work with you.

Because of your passion, your generosity and your great respect for the artistic nude photography as well as for your models, your own exhibition will probably come much faster than you can imagine.

«The Climb», with Christelle

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