September 18, 2014

Welcome Richard Rasner

" My specialty is the non-erotic, non sexual nude, and my goal is to make nude photography a respected art form once again." Richard Rasner

"Urban Mermaid"
Art Model Joykinz

Richard Rasner is prolific, imaginative, and he works on a wide range of fine nude art themes, from the most classical to the most modern ones. Impressed by his talent, I couldn't resist to the pleasure to welcome him here inside.

You'll find Richard Rasner at deviantART

My name is Richard Rasner. I'm a professional member of the National Press Photographer's Association. I photograph nudes for a living. It is my only job. I am an actual functioning professional artist.

I have been a published fine art nude photographer for over 10 years. My work has been displayed in museums and galleries worldwide and my most recent book "Whispers of the Mind" was a top seller on Amazon (note : out of print, available at Lulu).

"Yuuin by Gwendelin Artanis"
Art Model Joykinz

My vision is to take nude photography out of the downward spiral that the internet has taken it and bring it back to the respectable art form it once was.

I choose this occupation because I have a genuine passion for nudes, and a desire to bring them back to the forefront of respectable art.

I currently split my time pretty evenly between Las Vegas, NV & Riverside, CA (near Los Angeles). I shoot regularly at Nakayama Studios in Las Vegas, NV, which is my personal studio, and also at D.M. Gremlin Studios in Long Beach, CA, which is owned by my friend. Both studios are available for rent if you're interested in shooting at the same places that I have."

"All in all..."
Art Model Skylar Petit

"Broken egg"
Art Model Green Bird Girl

How to mix passions !

"The Resilience of Nature"
Art Model Britany

I was a music major in college, earning my scholarship on the baritone saxophone. I sold my first alto sax to Joey Hernandez of The Voodoo Glow Skulls (who I went to high school with) who still uses it to this day. (Also at my high school at the same time I was there : rapper "Skee-Lo" and the rock band "Green Jelly/Jell-O.").

I used to sing professionally with the Riverside Pops but now I mostly compose and fool around on the piano.

Still, I love working with bands and currently I am shooting for DB (Mr. Moneybag$), Lips Like Morphine, Lady Reiko and the New Wailers and a few others.

Duran Duran liked my pictures so much from their concert at The Joint that they put them up on their home page ! I'm very happy to have gotten the opportunity to meet and shoot so many great people.

Art Model Green Bird Girl

About Nakayama Studios :

"Gravity in the 8th Dimension"
Art Model  Skylar Petit

Nakayama Studios was founded in 1985 by Michael Nakayama. His work with Playboy and other adult magazines, unfortunately overshadowed the great potential in his little-known art pieces. In 1997 he took on an apprentice, Richard Rasner, who would take the studio in an entirely new direction upon inheriting it after Michael's untimely death in 2002.

Under Richard Rasner, the studio left the adult world in favor of fine art nudes.

His work is shown throughout the world in prestigious galleries including the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Apparatus Las Vegas, Palms Long Beach, the Lodz Art Center (Lodz, Poland), and many others. In 2006 he released his first book, "Whispers of the Mind" which instantly became an Amazon bestseller and catapulted Nakayama Studios and its subsidiary, Unique Nudes, into global fame.

In early 2007 the studio moved its headquarters to Las Vegas and Richard acquired his own apprentice, Jenna Black. Jenna started as an assistant with little practical experience, and is now a rapidly rising star in the local art scene. Another photographer, Dorian "DJ" Johnson was added to the studio lineup later that year.

"Wonderland princess"
Art Model Jesyka

" The Whispers of the Mind project incorporates everything in Richard’s artistic makeup. It is epic and ambitious. It is neo-romance at its best. And while based in fantasy, it is real enough to feel as if one could reach out to touch each image or perhaps speak directly to the subjects within."
(From the foreword by Victoria Lane)

The Whispers of the Mind project was an ambitious undertaking by fine art nude photographer Richard Rasner of Nakayama Studios back in 2004. It featured over 25 different models in various costumes at locations all over Southern California.

The Whispers of the Mind book contains all 34 original images, re-mastered in stunning high resolution, with commentary from the artist on each one. Each image is in glorious full color on its own page, with the commentary preceding it on the adjacent page to allow as much room for detail as possible.


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