August 13, 2014

Welcome Abe Taltre

Abe Taltre at deviantART, Model Mayhem.

Abe Taltre is from Tucson, Arizona, south Usa, a small city I discovered with a french group of salesmen I needed to motivate, but it's another story.

Tucson is the kind of typical west little town which makes all her business around an historic fact : the gunfight at Ok Corral (Tombstone exactly), generally regarded as the most famous gunfight in the history of the west.

All in here is cow-boy style of life. In a huge parking, numerous planes are waiting to be dissected, or reused. And everywhere these incredible candelabrum cactus which seem holding court.
Abe Taltre, photographer, actor and singer, lives there. In the warmth of an inspiring desert. He's so inspired and prolific that I needed to take a long time with a deep breath before choosing among hundreds of wonderful photos.

Thanks Abe for your time !!!

"Brides maid"

" I came to photography late in my life. I was 58 years old when I took my first Black and White photo class. I borrowed my wife's old Canon TLB thinking she wouldn't mind, but she did. She has since been given a Pentax by our son and is now somewhat mollified.

The Canon is still my main camera but I also shoot with a Holga, a 120mm medium format, Russian plastic camera made in China, a very interesting camera in that you never know what you'll get. I converted a mobile home into a studio and purchased a set of Dynalite strobe systems. In the beginning I used family members, friends from work and fellow photo students as subjects.

By trade I am a massage therapist-bodywork practitioner and manufacture a product for releasing tension from the back. In the past when I needed pictures of the product I had to make appointments with a photographer. But now I can instantly get a good product picture. With the advance of technology in digital cameras it is now possible for me to get a good picture, easily manipulate it and send it directly to the Unexerciser website. In photography I need to shoot and see hundreds of images to get a feel for my photos.

Abe in blue

"Desert blue"

"Pinkie rocks"

"Low tide"

"Shrink to fit"


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