August 29, 2014

Welcome Kiran Patil

Like Al Calkins or Andrew Kaiser, Brian Mackey, Kiran Patil loves the reality : no sophistication, no make-up, just his models captured in intimate moments of their true life. Let's admire !

My name is Kiran Patil. I am a candid nude photographer.

My goal is to capture people in the nude at home, at work or at play in a way that is natural and evocative.

The candid nudes are shot using a Kowa/Six medium format camera and Ilford Delta 3200, a high speed black and white film.

I take roughly 12 photos of each person doing certain activities. I have a tendency to guess my exposures, which I admit aren't always correct. The camera is always handheld and only available lighting is used. This is an experiment in progress.

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