May 4, 2015

Darren Phillips

Darren Phillips is a contributing Artist since July 2007. I kept preciously these wonderful photographs. 

Art Model Dollybeck

"Enchanted Forrest"

"Field of Dreams"
Art Model Melissa

"Next to You"
Art Model Jessamyne

"The Wall"
Art Model Donna

Art Model Jessamyne

Art Model Joanna

"Warmer Days"
Art Model Dollybeck

"What Will Be"
Art Model Dollybeck

Art Model Renee

" Nature is your assistant. Your backdrop changes day by day and our country provides a vast range of settings to work with. I also find that, outdoors, models come alive. They dance in the breeze, engage with their surroundings, and feel quite at home, so to speak. It is here that most of my work is created."

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