May 29, 2016

Kiran Patil : the New Candid Nude Project

Member of Univers d'Artistes since 2010

I would like to thank everyone for their support during the shooting of the New Candid Nude project over the past years. It was a rewarding experience traveling the country, meeting new people, spending time in their homes and watching them live.

"Burn Party", Kiran needs your help :

Finally, I have decided to move forward with multiple shows that I call a "Burn Party". To ensure that limited edition prints are indeed truly limited - I am inviting guests to literally burn and destroy my precious negatives during the exhibition.

If you are interested in attending or wish to help, please visit newcandidnude and contact me through the online form.

The New Candid Nude Project :

Nudity, by itself, is not sexual to me. It is honest. That is the crux of why I continue to explore what I will call the "new candid nude".Candid nudes have been photographed since the invention of the camera. What I feel is 'new' in my work is the philosophy behind the approach of taking the photograph, not necessarily the visible properties of the picture itself. It much more than a simple snapshot aesthetic of yesteryear. Over 100 people participated in this photographic experiment.

I have found that there are three masks that most people wear when they are photographed : clothing, physical and emotional.

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