May 18, 2016

Robert Triboli, the Bus Graveyard and Junkyard Cat series

Robert Triboli
and his active blog promiscuous ferret productions
Member of UdA since 2007

- Robert, I love your Bus Graveyard series !! What about an exibition on uda ? If yes, - Be well my friend.
- Ha Ha! That would certainly be a new path for UDA. The junkyard cats were actually some additional images for a series on a bus boneyard : promiscuous ferret productions. You always honor me so. Thanks my friend!
- I want this new path ! Thank you my dear dear Robert. I'm honored too and your so long friendship makes me so happy !

Yes, from today I open Univers d'Artistes to wonderful non nude photographs like those of Robert Triboli. 

Bus Graveyard and Junkyard Cat series

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Anonymous said...

Never saw a junk-yard cat before. :)