December 28, 2017

Me, Myself, I, by Beau Nestor

Marseille Photo

Some years ago, Beau and Gayle Nestor spent one week at home, Marseille, France. At this time, I still walked and we visited my beautiful city. It was a wonderful week with two beautiful souls in my heart forever.

Beau Nestor took a lot of photographies when I was cooking one of my favorite  Mediterranean recipe around some bottles of our fabulous French wines. I was shooted by a great photographer ! What a lucky man I am ūüėä

Among the twentiest he sent me, I've choosen these five photographies. I'm not photogenic at all but Beau knew to capture my "beauty" and I thank him from the bottom of my heart.

And :

With my lovely Gayle Nestor

With my wise Beau Nestor

A beautiful sightseeing by Marseille Photo

Marseille, south east of France, 300 sunny days per year

When do you come ? ūüėČ

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