December 7, 2017

Dan Van Winkle, some of my new works

An article of Dan Van Winkle
Uda Art Editor

In October, I took a trip to Spain for business.  Due to a tragedy in my girlfriends family, she was unable to join me.  We had planned a weekend in Mallorca after my work.  I had a friend studying in Florence for the year, so rather than spend a weekend along sulking, I invited her and a friend over to do some shooting.  I had no idea how beautiful Mallorca is.  But, I did a little research and crossed my fingers.

All I can say is, wow, what a weekend we had (really just one day).  But this was by far one of the most memorable shoots of my life.  Both for the conditions we had but also, just the fun time we had enjoying life.  Beautiful sunrise, making an awesome break driving on crazy roads, seeing beautiful scenery photographing a wonderful mode, Paella for dinner and finally sipping wine in the chill out.  I think I am blessed.

Here are a few photos from this marvelous weekend.  I plan to write an in depth blog on my website soon.  I hope they are enjoyed!


Pastelle said...

Une série magnifique, toutes ! ♥

Inamaru said...

Que hermoso trabajo, felicitaciones a la hermosa modelo y a ti por cómo fotógrafo.
Muy buena la historia también.
Todo lo mejor