January 6, 2018

The photo-artistry UdA Awards and Nominees

The idea came when Gabriel Olude, photographer and UdA Art Editor, talked me about his artist's friends working the photo-artistry like him, as he names a photoshop work, a genre rarely exhibited here which is a place reserved to true photographs precises the members of the jury.

This without pretention competition they called "The French Challenge" became an incredible event and we received a lot of images from all aroud the world. I confess I didn't wait such a keen interest which never ceases to amaze me.

We thank each of you for your kind and enthusiastic participation. We judged what we received and we're sure you all have some hidden treasures you didn't send us. Next time ?

I thank Gabriel Olude for the quality of the informations he gave us which made easier our hard and long work. A hug, my little brother : 
"Photo-Artistry is a fusion of digital imagery and conventional photography which results in beautiful works. We are very grateful to Univers d'Artistes for this Challenge which gives us a famous platform to show their art. So, meet these talented artists who bring smiles to our heart via their powerful creations." Gabriel Olude

The members of the jury :

The art of Dave Levingston
This photograph was winner of the French Magazine Photo, contest 2007
"Theda in the woods"

The art of Dan Van Winkle, UdA Art Editor


Our congratulations to each of you

The UdA Trophy is decerned to :

And we add Vibeke Alvestad Johansen for a late received work.

The prices :

You become Member of the Collective Art Magazine,
One exhibition of your photographic and artistry work.

(send 10 of your favorite photographs and images with some new words and your official site at pelierc@yahoo.fr)

I was born in New Zealand and presently live in Australia. I have always been creative and tried many mediums overtime. I embarked on my photography journey 7 years ago and recently found digital artistry and realised that this medium alongside my photography will enable me to fulfils my aspirations and vision far beyond my wildest dreams.

"At The Box Office"

I am passionate about provoking a feeling in people, especially as it relates to themselves and their own interests. I strive to incorporate what is most important to them when creating commissioned pieces. I am also most interested in pet photography and promoting my local hometown.


My creativity, ideas, inspiration, and style are derived from a broad range of sources that result in my continued desire to create digital and fine art that I hope to be thought provoking and widely imaginative to the viewer. I constantly think of art during a day and can easily spend 4 to 5 hours a day.

"My wings are fading"

I love to create to music and just get carried away with color and sounds my muse just guilds me.  I often start with an idea but my muse will take me in another direction.

"Late Lunch"

I prefer the term creator to artist, “artist” always seemed a bit lofty, something one must attain, rather than be. Everyone is a creative in some way or another, and as a teacher I strive to encourage others to follow their instincts and their vision to form their own path. I once asked a mentor if there was a difference between having an imagination or a vision. She told me there was no difference. I wondered why people with visions are considered a bit crazy, while we compliment others on their imagination. I have visions all the time. I always have. I am just now learning how to take what I see and make it real. It’s a slow process, but a worthwhile journey. Technology has been another mentor, allowing me to explore my visions in a way I never thought possible.

For me create Art is reveal my Vision.

"The Race"

My love for photography led me to where I am now. Though I appreciated the work straight out of my camera, I was fast developing a need to take it further. Now I've realized it's not just a need, it's a passion. When at the computer, I get lost, from the time I have an idea to the finished creation. The challenge of leaving what I find familiar and comfortable, and taking a journey into uncharted territory. I don't know where my art will take me in the life, but I do know I'm enjoying the ride!

"Steam Punk Mad Hatter"

My vision is to continue creating and designing that brings the world together as "one" since we are all connected. Creating art, designing graphics and social media posts, and helping others market visual content, and build their own successful brand is my mission and way of giving back to the world.

"Zebras on the move"

I have always loved art , over the last 4 years finding digital art has taken my life and love of art to a whole new level. My passion for my work has increased which has me looking at even the most mundane objects as a new challenge to create something amazing and beautiful from I have this endless desire of creativity.

"Winter is coming"

Five years ago, I chosed a new path in my life, going from real estate to living my dream as a fine art photographer and now also as a digital artist. I`m a self taught photographer and started to learn editing my photographs by watching all kinds of videos. In the beginning I did not take any courses. I create every day, discover the world trough my lense and make art from what I have in hand to more advanced projects. My vision is to inspire, to make you wonder, and take you with me into a world of beauty and sometimes darkness. There is often a lot of personal feelings and stories in my art, but I can also take a walk into this wonderful fairytale world where everything can happen. I find inspiration everywhere, but most of all in the beautiful nature of my homeland, Norway.


Our congratulations to each of you

From the jury :
We judged what we received and we're sure you all have some hidden treasures you didn't send us. Next time ?

Amelia Blanco
"Cuba-Pelican Girl"

Andrea Amos-Sebestyen
"London St Pauls"

Billa Bozem

Gail S Edwards
"Ruler of the Autumn Solace"

Georgene Singletary Harkness
"Breaking Free"

JoAnn Wilmot
"Golden Goddess"

Kathryn o Hare Vince

Linda J Austin

Lynn Jenkin

Merran G
"Let it go"


Sheri Emerson

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