January 27, 2018

Kae Love is back !

Kae Love is back !
Famous and shooted by a lot of my friends, Art Model and photographer Kae Love desires to model again. Be quick to ask her a shooting, she'll be quickly overbooked !

In 2015, I was very sad :

"Friends, my blog here was a great project. It was nice to look back and write about so many meaningful art modeling experiences. I’ve moved on to front end web developing and a few other projects. Keep creating art. Always, Peace, Love and Art. A tender hug."

Today, I'm full of joy to welcome her again and very impatient to admire her new always incredible work.

Some of my favorites and of her renowned talent :

No site my friend ?

" Kae Love is a most beautiful, talented and experienced model with whom (as somebody told me) "any hack could make good photos". It also helped that we were not pressed for time and that I could become somewhat familiar with her "philosophy" and how it translates itself into characteristic poses in response to a given setting."

The deep involvement of Kae Love to diversify your models :

If art nudes are about human emotions and human stories, why does it seem like the majority of art nude images are of white models, slender models, young models, and/or female models? No seriously, tell me.

"Cave girls"
With Art Model Joceline

"Snow Kae"

UdA Art Editor

"At the Top"

"China Camp"

"China Camp 5"

And your official site ?


"Caught in transition"


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