June 25, 2018

Lorand Peli, 9 years later

For me, the human form (especially female, but I don't have any problem shooting male nudes also) surpasses the lanscapes, static products shots or stock photos. I love to catch an excitement, a feeling, something that represents human being, young or aged. The thing that makes you "hot", different. I can't describe it very well. It's a feeling, and I know you know what I'm talking about.

9 years ago :



And today :

"Black" with Carmen Flavia

The ways of style are impenetrable. Lorand promised me an explanation about this change, but I'm still waiting for. Maybe he has nothing to say, his new type of work came without he decides himself. I lived it with my three first books before to find my path.

More colors, more photo-compositions, more symbolism, more deepness, a touch of mythology, are my words to qualify his new work I loved at the first sight.

With Dana Ciubancan

With Demeter Dorel

"Horns of Hoia, part 1" with Ana Catone 
MUA: Raluca Manole, Hair: Nuaela Mihaela

Part 2

"Inspired by Moebius"

With Andreea Ande

With Cristina Simion Cantemir

With Dorin Duca

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