August 22, 2018

Amorphous Series by AJ Kahn

UdA Art Editor
His articles and photographs

The "Amorphous" Series
with dancer Marlo Dell’Antonio

Capturing the fluid shapes of a moving subject is an avenue of art nude photography I often like to explore. I find that working with dancers and athletes (who seem to have a real sense of body awareness) tend to create some of the most interesting results. Recently, I had the privilege of working with model Marlo Dell’Antonio, whose extensive background in dance proved to be a real asset.

The challenge of this series was to have Marlo interact with the amorphous dynamics of giant soap bubbles. 

Marlo would spontaneously respond to the ever-changing shapes around her. She moved in such a way that it almost seemed a choreographed routine between the two elements. I am fascinated with the idea of this concept, and hope to explore this as an ongoing series.

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